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Flood 2016: Your Flood Insurance Questions (Especially Now) and Our Answers

Posted on September 29, 2016

It’s hard to believe that in in less than ten years Eastern Iowa is experiencing yet another major flood event. Though it’s not quite as bad as 2008, river levels still broke records and have caused significant damage. Thankfully, from the lessons that were learned just eight years ago we’ve been a bit better prepared deploying flood barriers, sandbagging, and evacuating homes and businesses in the path of the flood water. After 2008, many people who didn’t have flood insurance scrambled to get coverage to help protect their assets. However, we’ve still been fielding quite a few questions from home and business owners about coverage in the scope of this event. So we decided to compile 8 of the most common questions and answers in one place to help give you some insight into flood insurance:  (more…)