Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Home and Contents: Home Insurance

You need to protect your home and your possessions inside it. It is required if you have a mortgage, and for your peace of mind. Homeowners insurance provides that protection.

Homeowners insurance is made up of many pieces designed to cover the structure, your contents, liability, and more. Not all losses are automatically covered under a standard homeowner policy, so it’s important to discuss your options and needs with an agent to make sure you have the right level of coverage in place.

Important Tips to Remember:

Review Your Policy Annually.

Once you have purchased homeowners or any other insurance policy, it’s important to take time and review your policy every year. Changes and updates do occur, and it’s important to make sure you insurance coverage reflects them. For example, did you make updates to or remodeled your home? Did you buy an expensive piece of jewelry that may need additional coverage?

Document Your Belongings.

No one expects something to happen to their home or contents, but it’s important to be prepared. Create a home contents inventory list so if something were to happen, you have documentation on your belongings and what may have been lost. Taking pictures or videos is an easy way to document your home’s contents. Make sure you store the photos, data file or videotape in a fireproof box, safe deposit box, or submit them to your agent so they are not damaged or destroyed. Then, if something happens to your home you will be able to provide the claims adjuster with the proof of your contents.


Looking to protect your belongings in your apartment? Consider a renter’s insurance policy to protect the contents of your apartment.

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