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Introducing AW HRsolutions; Your Human Resource Workplace

You think hrand your executive team must have someone they can rely on for the best HR advice. AW HRsolutions provides expert, practical human resource guidance to all businesses.  This powerful service will help your organization save time and reduce risk concerning employee related issues.

The results are powerful.  AW HRsolutions helps employers of all sizes, providing:

  • Live certified HR Professionals standing by to answer your questions and provide support
  • Verified HR guidance—specific to your state’s regulations—within 24 hours
  • Over 200 training courses that develop employees and ensure compliance
  • Award-winning online library for all workplace issues
  • Step-by-step Employee Handbook Builder
  • Job Description Builder, plus Salary Benchmarking, Employee Classification tools and more
  • Small Annual License Fee
  • Simple 10 minute enrollment process

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with human resources consulting firm, Wide Prairie HR, LLC. Whether it’s executive level strategic planning and execution, talent development, performance management, diversity training, employee engagement or supervisor training, Wide Prairie HR is your HR solution.
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