Pokémon Craze Yields Safety Reminders

Posted on July 21, 2016

by Stefanie White in AW360 Risk Management | 0 comments

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the past few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of the latest smart-phone craze Pokémon Go. With over 7.5 million downloads in its first week, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games ever to span multiple age groups. 

Pokémon Go (for those who aren’t as familiar with the concept) is a smartphone-based game in which players look for and capture Pokémon characters to earn points – there are even community teams battling it out to capture the most characters (Check out the 9,000 players who attended a recent game crawl in San Francisco!) The game is location-based and uses your smartphone’s GPS sensors to determine a player’s location. The game then uses that information to display Pokémon near the player through the phone’s camera. Popular public locations and frequented places are often “hot-spots” for Pokémon to encourage group play.

But, this popular game is not without its risks. The game requires the player to constantly look at their phone to spot Pokémon characters – while traveling to new locations. Which means they’re probably not paying attention to much else – such as non-Pokémon pedestrians, or outdoor “hazards” like trees, parking meters or uneven terrain.

Basic safety tips to keep in mind while playing Pokémon Go:

  • Look up from your phone often to watch out for obstacles (and other people).
  • NEVER look at your phone while crossing a street.
  • Never travel to an unfamiliar area while playing the game.
  • DON’T play while driving.

These sound like common-sense safety tips, but just yesterday news outlets reported one driver who hit a police vehicle while playing the game – luckily no one was injured.

Whether you’re out to catch ’em all, or just trying to avoid it all, be aware and stay safe! So far, we haven’t had any Pokémon sightings at AW Welt Ambrisco, but you never know where one might pop up.


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