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A Safe Holiday is the Happiest of All!

Posted on December 19, 2013

Happy holidays everyone! Like most I’m sure you’re busy getting ready for next week, baking, shopping, wrapping, and enjoying festivities with family and friends. With all those activities on your holiday plate, you’re probably not thinking about your insurance or holiday home safety. That’s why we at AW Welt Ambrisco Insurance would like to share a few quick tips to help you have a safe and happy holiday season:


When you are burning candles, make sure to keep them far away from trees, decorations, and any other potential fuel sources. Lit candles should be kept on a sturdy surface where they cannot be knocked over easily by pets or kids, and should ALWAYS be monitored! Make sure candles are fully extinguished before you leave the room.

2 of every 5 home decoration fires are started by candles!

TreesHoliday Safety

Real Christmas trees require a lot of water. (Fresh cut trees can absorb nearly a gallon of water within 24 hours!) Check the water level daily, and make sure it never drops below the tree base; a properly hydrated tree stays fresher longer. But try not to keep your tree for more than 2 weeks – as it dries out it becomes more flammable increasing the risk of fire.

Make sure your tree is at least three feet away from any heat source (fireplace, heating vent, etc.)


Keep an eye on the condition of your lights (indoors and out) If you find any strands that are broken just throw them away – new lights are inexpensive compared to the alternative… if in doubt, just throw them out! Make sure if you’re replacing lights to only use Indoor lights indoors and outside lights outside.

When you leave home or go to bed, make sure you turn off or unplug your lights!


Christmas morning is probably one of (if not the) largest trash producing days. But before you take all those boxes out to the curb consider an alternative disposal method. No one likes to think about it, but placing TV, computer, gaming system, or any large electronic packaging items on your curb is an advertisement about what you got for the holidays – a thief’s dream come true! Instead, remove any personal information or shipping labels then take the boxes directly to a recycling center or landfill.

If you receive valuable items for the holidays, contact your insurance agent to make sure you have proper coverage in place in case they are lost or stolen – AND don’t forget to add those new items to your home inventory list!

And always, take time and enjoy the holiday season!  From all of us here at AW Welt Ambrisco Insurance, we wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

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