Workers Compensation Insurance

When you place your business with AW Welt you are stepping up to an advanced workers compensation consultant process. AW trains specifically to know the workers compensation insurance industry to enable us to fully understand the errors that commonly occur and the processes that should be implemented to keep you from losing money. AW is your workers’ comp advocate, operating between you and your insurance carrier. Their goal is to represent your best interests.

• AW reviews outstanding claims to make sure you are not being charged for claims that should be closed, again reducing your workers’ comp cost.

• AW works closely with employers to prevent the causes of injuries and helps them establish beneficial medical relationships.

• AW helps implement an injury management system in your company that begins the moment an injury occurs.

• AW helps you prepare for the annual workers’ comp audit so you are ready when the auditor arrives, just as your accountant makes sure you are ready for an IRS audit. Result: an error-free audit.

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For companies with one employee to one hundred, work comp incidents can have a big impact on your bottom line. So we developed AW WC impact which uses an injury triage process designed to reduce claims & costs while improving outcomes for injured employees.

Easy to Use

Toll-free call center available 24/7.

Professional Service

Call center is staffed by Registered Nurses trained specifically in workplace injury triage.

Decisive & Dependable Process

Triage nurses speak with the supervisor and injured employee to assess the injury and recommend medically appropriate treatment.

Rapid Reporting

After each call, detailed reports are delivered to safety, HR, claims and risk management staff as needed.